Photography for me has two forms. Firstly I use it to record subjects that interest me, mainly wildlife, steam trains and a few modern day progressive rock bands. However, I will also shoot most things that happen to come my way. Secondly though I have an ongoing project using techniques such as the use of textures, multiple exposure in camera and intentional camera movement, or indeed all of these together, to give abstract or impressionistic photographs. I try to get as much right in the camera as possible and do any processing required in Lightroom rather than spending hours with editing in Photoshop.

Photographs I have taken have appeared in in books, magazines and on the web. I am a Getty Images contributor.

This site contains a small selection of my images - please feel free to browse. More of my images can be found on my Flickr page (See Links) but I tend to be much less selective over there. All of my photographs are copyright and if you would like to purchase, or use them for publication purposes, please contact me.

The site is updated from time to time so please call back.